4 Fun Friday Night Wedding Theme Ideas for the Springton Manor Farm

Friday Weddings at Springton Manor Farm

Believe it or not, Saturday no longer holds a monopoly on wedding dates.

Friday night weddings have become increasingly popular among newlywed couples for a variety of reasons. Couples are opting to plan Friday celebrations to save money on their wedding budget and increase the odds that they can secure their dream venue. One of those high-demand venues here in Chester County is Springton Manor Farm. It’s a rustic gem surrounded by acres of beautiful Pennsylvanian countryside. With the demand so high, Friday weddings have become a de facto backup plan for securing the space and making wedding dreams come true.

Springton Manor Farm’s versatility as a venue lends itself well to several great wedding theme ideas. Here’s a breakdown of four Friday night wedding theme ideas that can really bring this venue to life and make it everything you hope and more.

1. A “Camping in the Woods” Outdoor Theme

The natural aura of the venue provides the perfect backdrop for an outdoorsy, camping enthusiast wedding. The grove of trees makes the perfect ceremony spot. Afterwards, your reception could feature a trail mix bar with a late-night popcorn or roasted corn station. Indulge in some coffee and hot chocolate themed cocktail concepts with cider, whiskey and Bailey’s. Your guests could all gather around custom built firepits and make s’mores or cinnamon roll-ups.


Friday Night Wedding Firepits
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Even with all that culinary creativity, this theme revolves around the décor. Take a moment and envision market lights strung across the garden and tree groves with wooden stumps, pine votives and elegant green centerpieces that evoke the outdoor atmosphere. This kind of Friday night wedding getaway is sure to inspire a carefree spirit in your guests because they can celebrate with the understanding they have the whole weekend ahead of them to retreat.

2. A Movie Night Theme Wedding

For cinema buffs with an outdoor affinity, a movie night wedding celebration is absolutely perfect. Once again, the grove of trees sets the scene for a beautiful ceremony that’s pulled right from the big screen itself. Imagine a reception with amazing food stations like milkshakes, pretzels, nachos, custom soft drinks and sliders! You can even give it a classic touch with old-fashioned soda counter bottles.

The Springton Manor House facade would look beautiful done up with red and white marquee-style banners listing some of your favorite films of any genre. Afterwards, of course, why not treat your guests to an outdoor projector/drive-in style movie double feature? Pick the movies that resonate with you and your partner and we can make them part of the experience. If Friday night movie dates are your thing, we’ll do it bigger and better than ever.

3. A “Light Up the Night” Theme for Your Special Day

If you thought Springton Manor Farm was beautiful under the radiant light of day, then you should just wait until the sun goes down. Nighttime weddings are gorgeous at this secluded venue, and a “Light Up the Night” theme is sure to give the venue and your wedding an element of aesthetic distinction and class. Create the perfect ceremony spot with lanterns suspended around the Linden Tree. Afterwards, treat your guests to some delicious grilled cheesesteaks with the fires burning bright and some delicious local craft beer.


Night Wedding with Firepits
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Lanterns, icicle lights, glowsticks and firepits all contribute to illuminating the grounds in a distinct fashion. The atmosphere of artificial glow gives new character to the pathways, benches and florals that surround the manor. For a fun activity, how about a glow ring toss game for prizes? The best part? Your guests can go as late into the night as they want because you’ll have two days to recover!

4. A Magnificent NOLA-Style Masquerade Ball Theme Wedding

Lastly, here’s a theme that’s sure to excite with all the spirit of the Big Easy. Roll out the red carpet right up to the Springton Manor House front door and welcome your guests to a one-of-a-kind masquerade wedding extravaganza. A small indoor ceremony could be followed by a New Orleans-style menu highlighted by a beignet and/or white/gold chocolate dipped strawberry station. Imagine this classical-looking venue decked out with a champagne tower, pim cups and a gin martini bar.

The venue could be adorned by masks at every place setting. Mirrors, ice sculptures, candelabras and lace linens all contribute to the French-Cajun style fusion of the NOLA aesthetic. Of course, you could give your guests the opportunity to commemorate your special day in their own special way with a fun photobooth.


Linden Tree Lighting
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These are only a handful of the ways that the Springton Manor Farm can flex its versatility muscles and accommodate a unique Friday night wedding theme. Springton Manor really can do more than rustic. All the space needs is a little imagination and a Friday night when you’re free.

If these sound like the kind of amazing Friday night wedding celebration you’re envisioning, or if you’ve got something else in mind for your wedding altogether, we’d love to help. Contact our expert wedding planners online or give us a call at 610.725.9420 and we’ll start planning your dream wedding at Springton Manor Farm or any of our other stunning venues.

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