5 Reasons to Host a Corporate Picnic at The Manor House

There are many places to host a company picnic in Philadelphia, but very few offer a complete package. Many people planning a picnic are not even aware of some of the advantages that a premier venue can offer.

In this post, we explain how a coveted picnic venue like The Manor House at Springton Manor Farm sets the stage for a truly exceptional company picnic.

Top 5 Reasons to Picnic at The Manor House

1. Exceptional catering partners: when you choose The Manor House as your company picnic venue, you will work with one of the best catering companies in Philadelphia. J. Scott Catering and Queen of Hearts Signature Catering are the exclusive caterers at the Manor house. With over 20 years of experience catering unprecedented events, these companies hold countless awards for their outstanding event planning and cuisine. Whether your guests dine on J. Scott Catering’s farm to fork menus made with locally sourced ingredients or a custom picnic menu from Queen of Hearts, they are sure to enjoy every bite.

2. Expansive grounds: employees should not feel crammed at their office or at your company picnic in Philadelphia. The Manor House is situated on more than 300 acres so you can spread out your company picnic activities and seating. Guests can dine on the first floor and the patio, and then step out to the front lawn for festive picnic games. Later in the evening, you may want to surprise guests with savory late-night snacks on the patio.

3. Stunning building features: the beautiful peaked dormers, wrapped around veranda, carved moldings and brass sconces of the Manor House that was built in 1800s have been preserved to this day. These details magnificently compliment any picnic décor. While food is being prepared in a modern catering kitchen, the wooden front porch invites guests to relax and mingle among their co-workers. Because The Manor House comes with so many sophisticated features, you can save on picnic decorations and still have a breathtaking venue.

4. Beautiful tenting: from April through October, walkways connect The Manor House to a gorgeous tented structure situated on the rustic farm. This tent welcomes up to 250 guests to relax between the perennial gardens and ancient Penn Oak trees. The structure and idyllic setting are adaptable to a variety of picnic themes so we can create the exact ambience you desire. But with any picnic theme, guests will blissfully soak up the scenery if they see cattle, sheep and goats grazing in the lush pastures.

5. Rich history: Springton Manor Farm’s elegant rustic ambience reflects its agricultural roots that date back to the early 1700s. Fenced fields, stone walls and vast pastures tell stories of colonial plantation, the Industrial Era and Victorian tenant farming. As part of the National Register of Historic Places, this unique picnic venue naturally reminds guests of Chester County’s rich agricultural history. But your event does not have to feel dated. Just as the Manor House was built to be comfortable yet stylish, we make sure that your company picnic décor is as modern as you envision. We also love to surprise guests with an innovative picnic menu as a striking contrast to the rustic chic backdrop.



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