All the Ideas for Dreaming Up Your Boho Wedding at Springton Manor Farm

All the Ideas for Dreaming Up Your Boho Wedding at Springton Manor Farm

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One global trend that has been becoming more popular by the year for weddings is a bohemian-inspired wedding theme, or boho for short. At Springton Manor Farm, we provide a perfect natural backdrop that enables you to bring your boho wedding dreams to life. This whimsically inspired wedding theme is perfect for those who love simplicity yet bravado at the same time.

What Is the Boho Wedding Theme?

You may be saying to yourself, “I’ve heard of boho, but what does that really mean?” In simple terms, boho is a combination of traditional rustic style with more modern and whimsical accents. Think pops of bold colors, metallics and textures on natural wood tables, huge flowing bouquets, unique seating and hanging décor to start. These are just some of the flagship characteristics of this fun style perfect for creative couples.

Boho Wedding Colors

Boho wedding colors are usually a mix of vibrant, muted and metallics for the ultimate marriage of hues. Here are a few of our favorite combinations to play with:

    • Silver, Plum, Cream Rose & Marigold (reference)
    • Ruby, Dark Green, Pink, Pink Peacock & Gold (reference)
    • Teal, Copper, Rose & Blush (reference)


Boho Wedding Color Schemes
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Boho Wedding Decorations

The bohemian style is based on creativity, so eclectic décor when styling a boho wedding is essential and really fun to dream up. Here are a few fun ideas:

    • Lounge area with ivory and gold vintage couches atop vintage rugs
    • Macramé plant hangers with single bud vases hanging from the trees
    • Arbor for the ceremony, covered in greenery, your wedding flowers and colorful ribbons
    • Glowing lanterns surrounding the tent and the grounds
    • Glass terrariums with gold accents filled with gorgeous succulents
    • All the reclaimed wood signage—maybe even consider making a reclaimed wood escort card wall featuring cut stones scrawled with names and tables
    • Marbled or metallic table runners with mismatched colored glassware
    • Hammered copper jugs with bright flowers and greenery
    • Mismatched vintage chairs for the head table


Boho Wedding Centerpieces with Glass, Gold and Flowers
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Boho Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors that are hand-crafted with love and organic, natural products are always popular at boho weddings. Here are a few thoughts to get started deciding how you want to share your love with your guests:

    • Custom-made essential oils
    • Potted succulents
    • Vibrant dreamcatchers
    • Geode bottle openers
    • Wildflower seed packets
    • Handmade lavender soaps tied with twine and lavender sprigs
    • Mini wall hanging macramé ornaments
    • Organic beeswax candles


Succulent Wedding Favors at Springton Manor Farm Boho Wedding
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Boho Wedding Flower Ideas

Nothing is off-limits when planning a boho bridal bouquet. What many don’t think of is using materials other than standard florals. Did you know artichokes can actually bloom and blackberries can be kept on stems to craft incredibly unique bouquets? In addition to these unique features, boho bouquets are big, bold and filled with tons of lush greenery. Tie the stems with leather or painted silk for an extra special feature. Consider crafting boutonnieres and corsages for the parents with beautiful succulents they can keep as a keepsake for years to come.

Don’t forget your flower crown!

Here are a few of our favorite options to help with brainstorming the most beautiful bouquet:

    • Artichoke
    • Berries
    • Eucalyptus
    • Hanging Burgundy Amaranthus
    • Ivy
    • Pepper Berries
    • Protea
    • Ranunculus
    • Succulents
    • Veronicas


Boho Bride holding Wedding Bouquet
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Boho Wedding Photos at Springton Manor Farm

There’s no better spot to create your boho wedding than at Springton Manor Farm. The open space provides a blank canvas for all your whimsical décor, and the trees offer the perfect setting for all the hanging boho touches. At the end of the night, you can lounge under the beautifully starry sky seen from the farm with your partner and get excited for what is to come.


Boho Bride and Groom Wedding Party at Springton Manor Farm
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Have you already started envisioning your boho wedding arbor highlighted in the Walnut Grove at Springton Manor Farm? Chat with us today so we can start to bring your dreams to life together.

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