From Start to Finish: Your Natural Wedding Flow at Springton Manor Farm

From Start to Finish: Your Natural Wedding Flow at Springton Manor Farm

Planning a wedding from start to finish is an involved process that requires an immense amount of creativity, flexibility and organization. Not every couple has their wedding day mapped out in their heads. Oftentimes, you don’t know until you sit down and talk to someone about the pieces, timing and flow of your special day.

The setting of your wedding has everything to do with the day’s chain of events. This includes everything from tent setup, table arrangements and guests’ commute to the rhythm of making drinks and passing hors d’oeuvres. Or the time it takes before one of your family members is overcome with laughter or tears of joy. All of these individual moments—planned and unplanned, behind-the-scenes and with family and friends—should feel like a natural experience to everyone involved.

After years of working with clients with big visions, our team at Springton Manor Farm has wedding flow down to a science. We know this venue inside and out and have helped couples completely transform it into a space of their own. Here are a few different timelines to give you a better idea of what your day at Springton Manor Farm will feel like from beginning to end:

Getting Camera Ready

Let’s say your guests will arrive on-site for your ceremony, which begins at 5 p.m. That means the bridal party should arrive around 2 p.m. to groom, spritz, style and do whatever else they need to do to look and feel their best.

The entire bridal party should have an ample amount of time to prepare and take pictures before guests arrive. Springton Manor Farm has a roomy dressing quarters on the premises to allow for easy transitions. Complete with private bathrooms, you have plenty of space to relax and take care of yourself.

Bridal Suite at Springton Manor Farm
Campli Photography

Once everyone is suited up and dressed to impress, gather everyone together for a first group shot on the property’s porch. Then hop onto a golf cart and travel to any of the intimate spots or pathways. With 300 acres of private land, perennial gardens and trees, there are so many scenic ways to capture your day with your bridal party.

Three Different Ceremonies

The Springton Manor farm has not just one but three gorgeous spaces for you to have your ceremony: in front of the century-old linden tree, among the perennial gardens or in the beech tree grove. Our team can arrange one of these intimate spaces for 250 loved ones.

Easy, Breezy Cocktails

The transition from ceremony to cocktail hour is important. You want the smoothest way possible to guide your guests from one place to another. Our event team can arrange for your cocktail hour to take place on the lawn. Or inside the tent.

Cocktail Hour in Tent at Springton Manor Farm
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Regardless of your cocktail hour location, our on-site event and catering team will ensure a seamless setup and transition period for your guests. By the time everyone gets a drink and takes their seats, they will be provided with their first round of hors d’oeuvres. Springton Manor Farm’s on-site kitchen and catering team ensure a high level of service and food.

 A Smooth Reception

Depending on what you envision and how the weather holds up (don’t worry, we have a heavy-duty rain plan), there are very different ways we could coordinate a seamless reception. Many of our guests prefer to spread out on the lawn, complete with a big band or lawn games.

Band Outdoor Lawn at Springton Manor Farm
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Others make use of our state-of-the-art wedding tent that has been built to withstand the elements. Our 5,000-square-foot tent—available between April and October—allows for a smooth transition from cocktail hour. It’s heated for the cooler months, well lit, roomy and even comes with its own dance floor.

The Night is Still Young

After an evening full of fun and dancing, your guests might work up their appetites. Everyone who has attended a wedding can appreciate the sheer beauty of late-night snacks. Our team can arrange for a dessert truck filled with sweet treats for your guests.

Or head over to the firepits! It will be refreshing for some guests to break away for a minute of reflection or marshmallows under the stars.

Firepits at Night at Wedding
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There’s time and room for plenty of your beautiful moments here at the Springton Manor Farm. If you have any questions about what our event team can do for you on your special day, give us a call!

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