Lawn Games That Will Liven Up Your Wedding Reception

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In between all the wedding formalities, guests will be itching to move around and let loose. Offering them some lawn games to play will keep them engaged and encourage them to bond. If you have family and friends who have yet to get to know each other, this is the perfect opportunity for them to do so.

At Springton Manor Farm, we’ve seen everything from cornhole to giant Yahtzee. With 300 acres of lawn space, we have plenty of reasons to spread out for some of these well-loved games during a wedding reception. What we know for sure is that guests of all ages appreciate them. Here are some of our favorites:


Warm up your throwing arm, because cornhole is a wedding lawn game favorite. Two players or two teams take turns tossing corn-filled bags at a raised platform with a hole in its far end. Every bag you toss into the hole is worth 3 points, while every bag that lands on the platform is worth 1 point. Remember: bounces don’t count! First one to score 21 points is the champion!

Cornhole Game at Wedding Springton Manor Farm
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Giant Jenga

Timber! Brace yourselves for the loud tumble of Jenga blocks. Giant Jenga is the super-size version of a well-loved game. This is the game where two or more players take turns stacking large wooden blocks on top of each other. The object is to take a block from any complete level and stack it on the top layer of the tower. Whoever knocks the tower down first ends the game.

Yard Yahtzee

Did you ever imagine you’d have the time of your life playing life-size Yahtzee at a wedding? Yard Yahtzee follows the same rules as the classic version. Players take turns rolling 12 different combinations of the five dice. Each combination you roll is awarded a certain number of points. Players can keep track of points on scorecards. The goal is to fill each slot with the maximum number of points available for that combination.

Check out this fun tutorial on how to make your own dice!

Ladder Golf

Ladder golf is played with two or more players or teams. Each player has three golf ball bolas, which are golf balls hanging from the ladder’s strings or ropes. Each rung is worth points. The top rung is worth three, middle is worth two and the bottom rung is worth one.

To play, space the game’s two ladders about 15 feet apart on the lawn and start by tossing your bolas. The first player tosses all of their bolas, then the next player tosses their bolas. The first one to reach 21 points without going over is the winner!

Ladder golf activity at outdoor wedding
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Giant Checkers

Okay, we promise this is our last giant lawn game suggestion. But have you tried playing giant checkers?

It’s a little bit more active than the version you play sitting down, but it’s a seriously good time. Players have to physically pick up their giant checkers and move them from square to square. Caution: this game may cause a lot of laughs.

DIY Tip: Use a rollout game board rug!

Ring Toss

Everyone loves a good ring toss. Each player is given five plastic rings to use to toss onto pegs or bottles. You could paint and decorate bottles according to the theme of your wedding. Setup and cleanup are no-brainers. This classic lawn game makes a wedding reception come to life.

Croquet and Ring Toss Games


Croquet brings a little competition and a whole lot of fun to any lawn gathering. The game requires two to four players. The object of the game is for players to use their mallets to hit balls through a course of hoops until they reach the peg. A popular version of croquet requires six hoops.


Who among your family and friends has the best aim? Horseshoes is a lawn game played between two people (or two teams of two people) using four horseshoes and two throwing stakes in a lawn or sandbox area. Players take turns tossing horseshoes at stakes in the ground, which are traditionally placed 40 feet apart.

So, what’s your favorite lawn game? Maybe you have a lot of lawn space to work with and want more than a few options going at once. If you’re trying to decide on games and activities to liven up your wedding reception, we’d love to discuss ideas, DIY tips and any other reception needs you may have! Let’s talk!

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