Mixing Old with New: Being Traditional & Trendy

You’ve probably heard this before—“If you want to stay relevant, you have to adapt to change.”

As a rustic wedding venue, Springton Manor Farm has seen its fair share of challenges as married couples move away from observing old-world wedding traditions and demand more modern experiences. Yet despite these challenges, we’ve remained one of Chester County’s most popular wedding venues.

So what’s our secret? Well, it’s really no secret at all. We’ve been able to stay relevant by blending the traditional with the trendy. The result is an elegant and versatile venue that’s a blank canvas for all kinds of amazing weddings.

Here are some ways that we manage to mix the old with the new and make wedding dreams come true for our clients.

 Cocktail Hours at Springton Manor Farm

Cocktail hours in the garden.

Traditional: Old-world atmosphere.
Trendy: Cocktail hours.
This first example mixes our rustic outdoor feel with the modern flair of a custom catered cocktail menu. By bringing the cocktail hour outdoors, guests can enjoy modern passed hors d’oeuvres and spirits without losing the natural atmosphere. Our outdoor white tent also provides a feeling of old-world luxury to any cocktail hour.

Bride and Groom's First Look
Gallo Imaging

The first look.

Traditional: The “can’t see each other before the wedding” superstition.
Trendy: The “first look” reveal.
A lot of couples are doing a “first look”—ignoring the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding—to do an actual “first look” reveal to each other in their wedding attire and take pictures together. Removing this classic superstition in favor of a more modern greeting has led to some incredible wedding photos around our venue. Couples can capture our beautiful rustic outdoor backdrops in the natural lighting of the daytime.

Springton Manor wedding parties dancing.
Anna Alexander Photography

New music and dance.

Traditional: Music and parent dances.
Trendy: Upbeat tunes and group dancing.
A lot of old-world wedding traditions just don’t ring closely with modern couples. Nowhere is that more evident than in music and dance choices. Brides have started walking down the aisle to more upbeat songs, particularly ones with a deep personal meaning. Couples have even been doing away with parent dances to make dancing more communal. It’s part of being a blank canvas. We encourage clients to be more creative and not feel confined by tradition.

Bride and Groom Entrance
Maria Mack Photography

Ditching the introductions and receiving line.

Traditional: Introductions and receptions.
Trendy: A more casual feel.
Many couples are looking for ways to make introductions more casual. While traditional receiving lines have gone by the wayside, many are opting for more group intros or for a single intro of the couple. Our venue’s personal feel has made this trend seamless. Many couples will hold their ceremony under the Linden Tree and have their reception just a few feet away under the tent. Rather than stand on tradition, they prefer to keep it casual and just enjoy the time with their family and friends in attendance.

Custom Wedding Cocktails at Springton Manor Farm
Michael Handwerk Photography

Toast with what’s in hand.

Traditional: The toast.
Trendy: Specialty drinks or custom cocktails.
Rather than toasting with traditional champagne, trendy couples are looking to make the toast more personal. Specialty drinks like “his & her” cocktails are particularly popular these days. We arrange the specialty cocktail service here and provide an open atmosphere to share toasts over these custom drinks during the reception. It’s just one more way that our venue becomes that blank canvas.

Springton Manor wedding guests enjoying a catered meal
Maria Mack Photography

Farm-to-table catering.

Traditional: Catering.
Trendy: Farm-to-table catering.
Farm-to-table catering combines rustic tradition and modern elegance in cuisine and service. Cuisine from our modern catering kitchen is prepared and served more naturally. It pays homage to the Springton Manor Farm’s agricultural heyday. What’s more, this kind of fresh, healthy and eco-friendly approach to eating is also very popular among trendy couples. From passed hors d’oeuvres on the front lawn to a plated dinner under the tent, it’s a new-world dining experience in an old-world space.

By blending the old with the new at Springton Manor Farm, our wedding venue creates a more casual experience. Couples can come here free from all but one expectation: that their wedding day will be everything they could hope and more.

Contact us at 610.733.2516 or online to discuss how we can accommodate your dream wedding vision.

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