Philadelphia Fall Rustic Wedding Ideas

Philadelphia Fall Rustic Wedding Ideas

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For those desiring a rustic feel on their wedding day, fall is a season that naturally lends to the perfect setting—especially when you’re tying the knot at a venue like Springton Manor Farm, as by definition rustic means relating to the countryside!

When it comes to weddings, the rustic vibe is characterized by natural attributes; think wood accents, bold orange and red hues and simple yet stunning décor.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite tips for creating the most incredible fall rustic wedding at Springton Manor Farm!


Fall Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Springton Manor Farm
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Fall Rustic Wedding Colors in Philadelphia

In the fall, the sprawling grounds of Springton Manor Farm transform into a sea of orange, red and yellow as the leaves change, which provides the perfect natural palette for your wedding colors!

Our favorite color palettes for rustic fall weddings stick to the standard hues but add in a touch of unique color for a little pop!

    • Coral | Mustard | Blush
    • Navy Blue | Ivory | Yellow
    • Gray | Red | Green


Fall Bridesmaids Rustic Wedding Colors in Philadelphia
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Fall Rustic Wedding Decorations

When planning a wedding, choosing the décor is always a fun process. It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your personality as a couple and make the venue your own with special touches! When selecting rustic decor, farmhouse-style items are a good place to start.

    • Hand-Painted Wood Signage
    • Pumpkins & Gourds
    • Wine Barrels with Florals
    • Mason Jar Lighting
    • All the Burlap
    • Tree Stumps
    • Hay Bales
    • Metal Milk Jugs


Hand-Painted Wood Signage at Fall Wedding
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In addition to these décor items, you’ll also want to consider playing around with colorful linens or napkins, unique chair covers or accents and of course how you’ll make your sweetheart table pop with vibrant florals!

One thing couples tend to forget about is the cake topper, which can be such a fun expression of your love. How about a Philly LOVE statue wooden cake topper to represent where your love story began?

Fall Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

When creating your dream day, you’ll want your décor and your centerpieces to flow and complement each other. We love how these simple ideas complement and enhance the décor around the venue.

    • Wood boxes with flowers
    • Painted pumpkins or pumpkins filled with flowers
    • Beech tree vases painted with the table number & filled with flowers
    • Dreamy lanterns surrounded by fall leaves
    • Mason jars with burlap and twine filled with flowers
    • Sunflowers in white farmhouse milk bottles
    • Tree stumps covered with plaid fabric and glowing lanterns
    • Mini wooden troughs scrawled with the table number and filled with colorful leaves, pinecones and gourds


Fall Rustic Wedding Centerpieces with Sunflowers and Lanterns
Scott Kinkade Photography

Fall Rustic Wedding Flower Ideas

When selecting what flowers you’re going to use for your big day in bouquets, centerpieces and general décor, it’s so important to consider what’s in season during the fall! Selecting seasonal blooms will likely save you money and disappointment when meeting with your florist.

You’re in luck when searching for seasonal flowers during the fall months; there are so many gorgeous options that span all color palettes!

    • Anemones
    • Celosia
    • Chrysanthemums
    • Dahlias
    • Daisies
    • Hypericum
    • Lilies
    • Ranunculus
    • Roses
    • Sunflowers

Beautiful Fall Wedding Flower Bouquet
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Fall Rustic Wedding Photos at Springton Manor Farm

At Springton Manor Farm, fall is a favorite season for many. The wildflowers are sometimes still blooming as the trees change in appearance and become more muted and warm. The rolling pastures are still lush and ready to be explored as leaves fall around you. Did we mention that this is the perfect time to use the fire pits? There are so many reasons we love fall at the farm, and we can’t wait to share them with you.


Scenic Photoshoots at Fall Wedding at Springton Manor Farm
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If you’re dreaming of a beautiful farmhouse rustic wedding, let’s chat about how we can bring your dream to life at Springton Manor Farm. We’d love to show you around so you can experience the character of the farm for yourself!

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