Photo Ops that Capture Every Emotion at Springton Manor Farm

When couples previewing wedding venues in Philadelphia come to Springton Manor Farm, they already begin to imagine how their wedding photos will turn out. How can’t picturesque wedding photography ideas come to mind while wandering across 300 lush acres filled with charming history? And then it hits them—how will I get to all these amazing wedding photo ops I’ve found?

One reason couples and our partner vendors love Springton Manor Farm as a wedding venue is because they can jump in a golf cart to whiz around, capturing every emotion and special moment. So let’s take a look at some of their favorite photo ops.

golf cart at springton manor farm

Wedding Picture Ideas for Top Philadelphia Venues

An Atmosphere of Love: Zoom In and Out

While visiting one of the top Philadelphia wedding venues with a view, photographers always want to zoom out to photograph the full experience. Fenced fields, stone walls, pastoral vistas and a restored red barn create an all-encompassing experience—one filled with peace and tranquility.


Bride and Groom at Red Barn on Springton Manor Farm
Asya Photography

And just as photographers also zoom in on couples to capture intimate expressions, make sure they do the same on your wedding décor. Those custom decorations you added to Springton Manor Farm are well worth remembering. After all, they too help create the atmosphere of love and joy.

Nervous Moments: Bridal Suite and Grooms Room Photos

From the bride writing a letter to her future husband to the groom perfecting his tie, there is always anticipation and wonder in the bridal suite and grooms room. So let your photographer capture these emotional behind-the-scenes moments in one of our elegant rooms. As you look back on this time filled with nervous energy, the ornate décor and natural light remind you that it is a positive emotion that stems from anticipation of big things to come.

Bride Writing Letter
Vanessa Marie Photography


Unexpected Delight: Candid Photos

A well-planned wedding is still full of surprises—good ones like incredibly innovative dishes and unheard family stories. And these often provide the best candid photos full of laughter and smiles. So when the speeches begin or even when guests get their first look at the fine food provided by premier Philadelphia catering companies like J. Scott Catering and Queen of Hearts, talented photographers discretely snap photos of the spontaneous joy felt.

Fun wedding photo idea: When guests take a selfie, it means they want to save that moment in time. So do that for them in a playful way by getting a candid photo of them in the act!

Groomsman Taking a Selfie
Georgi Anastasov Photography


Your Love: Tying the Knot Photos

With not one but three scenic ceremony spaces, there are a wide variety of photos of couples saying their vows. But they all share in common an intense love with a naturally beautiful backdrop. The idyllic century-old linden tree, perennial gardens, and beach tree grove all help couples focus on the only thing that matters in this moment—their love and commitment.

Tying the Knot Under Beautiful Tree
Vanessa Marie Photography

Caring Sides: Farm Animal Pictures

Top wedding photographers capture all the moments of bonding—between bride and groom as well as family and friends. And Springton Manor Farm gives them a unique way to bring out these emotions. The cattle, sheep and goats that lazily graze in the fenced pastures outside the barn evoke compassion in people of all ages and top it off with the most serene backdrop—a photographer’s dream come true.

Goat and a Bride
Ssya Photography

Embracing Your Roots: Historic Photos

Because the historic Manor House is such a central feature at Springton Manor Farm, it is easy to take it for granted. But stop to take in the history that dates back to the 1800s and Industrial era. As you take a photo in front of the classic architecture, go ahead and look back on your own family history. Peaked dormers and a wrap-around veranda provide an elegant and historical setting for you to reflect on your roots.

Bride and Groom In Front of Historic Manor
Asya Photography

Energy Abounds: Naturally Lit Photos

The fall foliage at Springton Manor Farm is absolutely stunning. Add in the sun shining bright on the golden leaves and photographers are able to capture love and nature’s beauty in unity.

Later, when the sun has set and guests are partying, light, energy and warmth from the fire pits complement the festivities in the distant but well-lit 4000-square-foot outdoor tented structure. We love how this soft glow illuminates the warmth and love felt among guests of all ages.


All Ages Enjoy Wedding Firepits
Maria Mack Photography

Dreaming of the Future: Shots from a Distance

At even the biggest weddings, every couple sneaks off to enjoy a bit of time by themselves. Talented photographers are able to get these pictures from a distance—portraying a long future together. Eyes locked, the picturesque grounds fall out of focus as the couple’s hopes and dreams come forth.

Beautiful Landscape
Vanessa Marie Photography

We wish photographers could capture our joy when we hear another couple has chosen the sophisticated Springton Manor Farm for their Philadelphia wedding. We love to use our creativity and meticulous attention to detail to bring wedding dreams to life at this exceptional venue.

To share your wedding vision and explore your venue options, contact us online or give us a call at (610) 733-2516.

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