How to Choose Among Popular Wedding Venues in Philadelphia

When previewing top Philadelphia wedding venues, ask any and every question that comes to mind, and then ask more! Guided by a wedding venue question checklist, you will find out about the basics like logistics, food service, payment, staff and availability. But we encourage you to delve deeper to learn what, if any, features really set it apart.

The best wedding venues in Philadelphia don’t just satisfy your checklist, they surpass expectations. So let’s take a look at some of the ways they can do this and what questions you need to ask to find them.

 Top 10 Questions to Ask Philadelphia Wedding Venues

1. What are the most popular wedding photo opportunities?

If you have been dreaming of that photo inside a rustic red barn or under a grand looming tree, keep searching through Philadelphia wedding venues with a view until you find one that has every photo op you imagined. Don’t forget to ask the venue staff for suggestions for unique wedding photos. For example, couples have taken precious photos with the farm animals at Springton Manor Farm.

Photo Ops with the Farm Animals at Wedding

If you fall in love with many photo locations—as you should—then the next step is to ask how you will get to all of them! At Springton Manor Farm, up to 8 people can get a ride throughout the 300-acre property in a golf cart.

Springton Manor Farm Wedding Venue

2. What is your inclement weather plan?

Outdoor wedding receptions and ceremonies are trending, and for good reason—they let you capture all the beautiful sights and sounds of the season. But they also mean you need a good rain plan in case the weather turns sour. SMF has a rain plan for both the ceremony and reception at no additional cost. The last thing you want, if clouds begin to loom, is to worry if your wedding plans are ruined or if your budget just got crushed. Your venue staff and plan should remove stress from the wedding planning process!

3. Do you have on-site bridal suites and grooms rooms?

Where you get ready has a big impact on your state of mind. Having bridal suites and grooms rooms on-site simplifies your list of wedding day logistics. So we consider this a necessity and one of the most basic questions to ask a venue. Then, if those are available, ask about the furniture and decorations. Surely you will want a relaxing and romantic atmosphere leading up to your big moment.

Bridal Suite at the Springton Manor Farm
Sublime Photos

4. Is the facility air conditioned and heated?

If guests aren’t comfortable, then it is really hard for them to enjoy the wedding. So ask how the facility is equipped to regulate temperature. Reception tents should have fans and heaters depending on the season, while you can expect buildings like the Manor House to have air conditioning. This relief allows you and your guests to enjoy the beauty of the season rather than suffer from its elements.

5. To what extent can I customize the décor?

Although it’s generally safe to assume that basic decorations will be allowed, things like candles are a no-go at many venues. So ask about any restrictions on wedding décor and lighting. We always suggest looking for a flexible wedding location with staff that is excited to incorporate your style and personality into their venue.

Beautiful Wedding Decor
Asya Photography

6. Who are your partner vendors?

Of course, you’ll want to meet friendly and skilled staff when you visit wedding venues in Philadelphia, but don’t forget that there will be many other professionals servicing your event. To make sure everyone works well together and has the same commitment to superior service, ask about the venue’s partner vendors.

Of particular importance are the caterers who will satisfy guests with your custom wedding menu. So look for a venue with ties to creative and experienced Philadelphia catering companies like J. Scott Catering and Queen of Hearts.

7. Can you host both my ceremony and reception on-site?

It is always nice when you can scratch transportation from your ceremony space to your reception location off your wedding planning checklist. And with three stunning ceremony spaces, you’re sure to find the perfect match at Springton Manor Farm. The century-old linden tree, perennial gardens, and beach tree grove are each uniquely beautiful places to tie the knot.

Host Ceremony and Reception at the Springton Manor Farm Philadelphia
Vanessa Marie Photography

8. What wedding themes do you most often see at your venue?

With the renovated barn and historic Manor House, there are a lot of country chic and rustic weddings at Springton Manor Farm. But the classic design of the Manor House with peaked dormers and wrap-around veranda also make it a top choice for vintage weddings. Add in the molding and bronze sconces inside and 300 acres of lush land and you really could pull off any of the most popular wedding themes. How about a secret garden?

Garden Wedding Theme
Sarah Rachel Photography

Tip: If you haven’t decided what wedding theme you’re going with, then look for a venue that provides an elegant open canvas.

9. Is there anything we should make guests aware of before they arrive at your venue?

Is there a time doors have to close or any restrictions on things such as photography in rooms? If so, make sure guests are aware of these before stepping into the venue. Or, maybe you just want to share that they will be visiting a location that dates back to the 1800s and the Industrial Era. This way they will have a full appreciation for the sights and sounds they find at this historic venue.

Outdoor, Historic Wedding Venue

10. Is there additional space available for large weddings?

If you fall in love with a space like the Manor House but are not sure it can accommodate all your guests, ask what additional spaces are available. The 5,000-square-foot outdoor tented structure and patio are exceptional wedding reception spaces that you might not have expected to find at this historic venue.

We hope you will join the happy couples who chose the sophisticated Manor House for their Philadelphia weddings. To see how our creativity and meticulous attention to detail can help your individual style shine at Springton Manor Farm, contact us online or give us a call at (610) 733-2516.

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