Twelve Inspiring Upgrades to the Springton Manor Farm Wedding Venue

Springton Manor Farm has firmly established its place among the most desirable and aesthetically wonderful wedding venues in the Eastern Pennsylvania region. Its historic and natural charm lends itself well to all types of wedding themes, from rustic to holiday concepts. Simply walking into the space and reflecting on the atmosphere is enough to get any client excited and set our planners’ imaginations into motion.

Market Lights at Springton Manor Farm Wedding

As if the space wasn’t already enough to create a truly gorgeous wedding experience, the venue also features a plethora of wedding upgrade options—some of which you may not have initially thought to include in your original wedding plan. We’ve outlined them here to spark your creativity even further and hopefully make your dream wedding experience even more enjoyable.

Here are twelve inspiring upgrade options for your Springton Manor Farm wedding celebration.

Firepits at Wedding at Springton Manor Farm

1. Fire Pits

Our elegant fire pits offer a source of heat and a point of illumination and conversation for outdoor receptions.

2. Cheesesteak Grills

The venue offers on-site late-night wedding snacks courtesy of Wizwit Catering and their custom-built, stainless steel mobile cheesesteak grill.

Linden Tree Lighting

3. Lighting

Custom lighting upgrades around the premises turn the venue into a unique canvas for stunning nighttime wedding photography.

4. Custom Craft Cocktails

One of several fantastic bar options, these custom craft cocktails reflect the spirit of the venue and raise the spirits of your guests.

Wooden Table Rental

5. Wooden Table Rentals

These custom-built wooden tables also lend themselves well to the rustic charm and feel of Americana that permeates through the Springton Manor.

6. Ladder Golf

Another fun party game with a growing cult following, ladder golf is sure to give your wedding guests plenty of entertainment.

Cornhole Games

7. Cornhole Games

Commonly known more for being a tailgate or barbeque game, the classic constructed cornhole boards transplant the game into this rustic setting beautifully.

8. Market Lights

These hanging market lights are strewn from end to end of the giant outdoor tent that is typically set up adjacent to the manor house. They give your celebration the opportunity to extend into the late hours.

Camper Bar

9. Camper Bars

Our camper bars are another unique bar upgrade element that expands bar service capacity while maintaining a feel of classic Americana.

10. Farm Tables

These vintage wooden farm tables provide a lovely accent to your reception dining place and contribute to the character of any wedding celebration there.

Wood Fire Oven

11. Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Our wood-fired pizza oven gives guests the opportunity to dine on a delicious pizza snack prepared in a way that they’ll only ever experience here at the Springton Manor.

12. Bar Height Farm Table

Like the aforementioned farm tables, the bar height options provide an accent of beautiful simplicity and serve as a place for guests to converse over some delicious cocktails.

The natural and welcoming personality of Springton Manor Farm is guaranteed to make just about any wedding there unforgettably beautiful. Adding in any of these upgrade options to the celebration just takes that charm to another level.

If you’re interested in creating a distinct and memorable wedding experience at Springton Manor Farm, contact our wedding experts online or give us a call at 610.733.2516.

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