Weekend Weddings: Ideas for a Sunday Ceremony

Weekend Weddings: Ideas for a Sunday Ceremony

If you looked at the calendar from the past few months, you might notice that your Saturdays were packed with all kinds of action. Many of us spend the summer and fall months celebrating our friends and family members at their weddings—and those weddings are almost always on a Saturday. In fact, the Knot estimates that 70% of all weddings take place on the first day of the weekend!

We certainly see the appeal of Saturday weddings; your guests don’t have to go to work the next day, which means you can party well into the night. However, there is also a benefit to getting married during the other half of the weekend. Sunday weddings can be a lot of fun! Here are a few ideas that will turn your Sunday wedding into a party no one will ever forget.

Brunch & Bubbly

It is true that getting married on a Sunday means you may have to cut the party short. After all, your guests will need to be back in the office the next day. However, that doesn’t mean you have less time to celebrate—it just means you need to get started earlier.

Bubbly and Brunch Wedding
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Morning weddings are a great choice for couples who are tying the knot on a Sunday. You can get married bright and early (or in the mid-morning, if you’d rather sleep in) and then start your reception during the best time of the day: brunch! Your guests will fall in love with the delicious breakfast dishes you serve, and after a few mimosas, they’ll be certain to dance until dinnertime.

A Sunday Evening Affair

While most wedding venues are booked solid on Saturday nights, Sundays tend to be wide open. This means that you’ll have many options available to you if you want to get married on a Sunday night.

Dancing Under the Tent at Springton
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Fill a tent with fairy lights and dance the night away. Give your guests sparklers and let them light up the night! With a Sunday night wedding, the possibilities are endless. Some guests may turn in early to get some sleep, but everyone else will have a great time!

Get Creative With Your Venue

Sunday weddings have another major benefit: couples are more likely to get the priority pick of their vendors! Not only are the venues you love more likely to be available, but the low demand of the day may come with a significant difference in price.

Countryside at Springton Manor Farm
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Choose a venue that’s truly unique and original: an elegant manor, a national park or a beautiful library! You and your partner can choose a location that really means a lot to you and is available at a reasonable price, too.

Stretch Out the Celebration

Just because you’re getting married on Sunday doesn’t mean your party is limited to that day. Why not turn your wedding into a weekend-long party? This is a particularly fun idea if you have a lot of guests coming from out of town; they can arrive in town on Friday evening, spend Saturday with you and your partner, and finish off the weekend with your wedding!

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Of course, whether you decide to have brunch in your bridal gown, light up the night for an evening wedding or have a weekend-long bash, the most important thing to do is plan a wedding that you’ll remember fondly forever.

We would love to help bring your dream ceremony to life. Give us a call to get started on planning your special day!

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